"To make a film is easy; to make a good film is war. To make a very good film is a miracle.

- Alejandro Gonzalez inarritu




 Puzzle for a blind man(2013) akaPUZZLE

In the post-revolutionary Romania values have shifted, dramatically changing many individual destinies. A repressed 51 years old man realizes that his life had become one of misery and loneliness. Everybody uses him. After becoming friends with a blind writer he had to evict from his house, he finds the inspiration and courage he needs to break all the rules he had been forced to abide by and to reconnect with life's joy and excitement. He falls passionately in love with a much younger woman, for whom he is ready to sacrifice everything he has built until then: marriage, job, and social position, only to discover that he was used again.


Projects from the Past (2016) aka PROIECTE DE TRECUT

When one gives up fear, he/she finds freedom, even when in confinement. Of a poetic nature, the movie, inspired by true facts, is a story of love and search for freedom against the background of the 1951 Communist ordered deportation of over 40000 people to “Romanian Siberia.” 

Emil Bazan, a young history teacher is deported together with his young wife, Turica. He’s forced into a different perspective of perceiving history and everyday life. His fear of the system he once had embraced becomes his worst enemy. Gaining power over it, allows him to enjoy a sense of freedom never experienced before. Thus, his release 5 years later feels to him like a new deportation.


LITTLE SNAIL (2015) short aka: CSIGA BIGA

Ivan, a 5 years old boy living in an indifferent family makes a delightful discovery: the beautiful young woman next door is pregnant. Is the baby she is carrying just as lonely as he is? He sets off for a complex adventure to save his potential, future new friend from dreadful solitude.