Projects from the Past (2016) aka PROIECTE DE TRECUT

When one gives up fear, he/she finds freedom, even when in confinement. Of a poetic nature, the movie, inspired by true facts, is a story of love and search for freedom against the background of the 1951 Communist ordered deportation of over 40000 people to “Romanian Siberia.” 

Emil Bazan, a young history teacher is deported together with his young wife, Turica. He’s forced into a different perspective of perceiving history and everyday life. His fear of the system he once had embraced becomes his worst enemy. Gaining power over it, allows him to enjoy a sense of freedom never experienced before. Thus, his release 5 years later feels to him like a new deportation.


Andrei Zinca


Radu Iacoban, Iulia Lumanare, Magda Catone, Nicodim Ungureanu, Tunde Skovran, Olimpia Melinte, Cristian Popa, Toma Cuzin, Radu Banzaru.


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