Andrei Zinca

Andrei Zinca


Andrei Zinca was born on February 5, 1955 in Bucharest, Romania. He is a director, producer and writer. His directorial credits include over 1,500 hours of series, documentaries, reality shows, live events, music videos and two feature length movies. He has worked in Europe, US and Latin America.


Jerry Gonzalez


Jerry is an experienced producer with U.S. National Broadcast credits for outlets such as Travel Channel, Fox Network, PBS, Fusion, CBS Eye Too Productions, Discovery Channel, Discovery Times, ABC Primetime, CBS Primetime, The Food Network, etc.

His recent credits include: Peter Greenberg Worldwide "Discover America Series", Fox TV "Knock Knock Live", Travel Channel "Planet Primetime", Discovery "I Almost Got Away With It", Fusion "Strange Medicine", PBS "Royal Tour: Mexico", ABC "Nascar in Primetime", Discovery Times "The Pat Tillman Story", "The Elian Gonzalez Story", "The First Arab Israeli Plane Hijacking", Discovery Channel "The Years Most Dangerous Survival Stories", CBS "The Amazing Race 7", Food Network "The Next Food Network Star 3" Final Episode.

He has worked with giants like Dick Clark Productions, XIX Entertainment, Mark Burnett, Ben Silverman (former Reveille,NBC), DiGa Vision - Tony DiSantos and Liz Gateley (former MTV) along with national and international broadcast networks that include CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, Travel Channel, CMT, PBS, Discovery, Univision, Fusion, Televisa, etc.