A Great Movie Evolves when Everybody Has the Same Vision in Their Heads.

- Alan Parker


About us

Double 4 Studios is an active member of LA Film Independent and of the National Association of Latino Independent Producers. We produce and distribute movies, and organize a variety of events promoting diversity within the film industry.

With many years of experience in the film and TV markets of the U.S. and Romania, we work in partnership with The Romanian Film Fund (C.N.C.), and the Romanian Filmmakers Association ( U.C.I.N.) to promote cooperation between creative and financial forces in the entertainment industries in the two countries.


“I always believe it’s better to have 30 imaginations working on a project, rather than one imagination telling the other 29 what to do.”

- Trevor Nunn



Immediately after its founding in 2006, Double 4 Studios became a bridge between the US, Latin America and Eastern Europe, in both areas of production and distribution. 

Through its President, the Film & TV Director/Producer/Writer Andrei Zinca, Double 4 Studios initiated the first ever co-production between Florida and Eastern Europe.  

The feature “ Puzzle for a Blind Man “ was financed in Romania and the US, shot entirely in Romania, and post produced in Romania, Miami and Los Angeles. It is based on a play by a writer from Argentina who lives in Miami, Florida, and is now in worldwide distribution. 

The second feature produced by Double 4 Studios, “Projects from the Past” is also a co-production with Romania. It is a period piece, and was entirely shot in Romania. Post-production is being done in Los Angeles. The movie will be released in early 2017.

In the area of distribution, Double 4 Studios specializes in markets like Central and Eastern Europe. It offers its clients a personalized service based on each client’s profile and specific needs.  The wide list of programs Double 4 Studios has access to contains TV programs from all over Latin America, as well as a great variety of US made independent movies and TV series.